International students, welcome onboard !

We are happy to welcome you at ENSEA Engineering School, where you will hopefully have a great time !
This is a website made by Ensea students from the FIP association.

On this website, what can I find?

You are a foreigner student and it is maybe your first trip in France. You may have plenty questions about your trip. How does the transport work? Where can I buy some food? Where is the school? This is for you. You will find many informations about Cergy and we hope it will respond to your questions.

We also have a facebook group made for you called ENSEA International Students you get informed direclty about the events the different clubs of ENSEA organize for our students.

If you need help understanding the documents, or for further information, feel free to ask us on the suggestions tab.
Stay tuned and see you soon,

FIP team

Checklist before coming

Use our checklist to help you to pack your bag ! Moreover, you will find some useful informations before put a foot on the french ground. You will learn to ask a beer, to ask for your direction and many other things. Check this out !


What about the school ?

Try to learn as many things as you can about the school itself, especially about associations and the student life in the ENSEA. You have a lot of opportunities to do whatever you want, from playing music in a band to cooking some french food. Oh yeah ! You will be a great lover of food !

Good Deal

Because you will have to live in Cergy, check the good deals we have found for you. This article will inform you about some typical price of daily services or food and also some solutions about your trip like bank account.

How to become a Parisien ?

This is our guide to be a great "Parisien". Between culture and art, Paris is a "merveille" ! You will taste wine, you will try a lot of cheese, you will eat snails, you will love art and, the most important, you will learn the french kiss !

Activities ? Shop ? Restaurant ?

You will be in a country of high gastronomy. To plan a "rendez-vous" in the french way, to buy some french clothes or to borrow a kayak to chill on the ponds. Whatever you like, Cergy can offer you the best.
See you soon at the bowling !


How to travel through Europe, or just far away ? Check this guide to go to your favorite destination without loose your wallet.

Foreigner Integration Program (FIP)

Logo FIP

FIP is a pole of the BDLS (Solidarity Office) of the ENSEA.
Feel free to translate its website and understand all its actions.